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 Welcome to the Official Website of W3SI

W3SI's mission is to assemble and organize a state chapter of 3000GT and Stealth owners and enthusiasts. This website has been designed to:

  • Provide a means of contact with other Wisconsin owners
  • Offer a central location of resources concerning the 3000GT/Stealth (3/S) platform
  • Locate instructions and procedures for do-it-yourself car diagnostics and repairs
  • Supply links to repair shops and experienced tuners
  • Offer information regarding performance upgrades
  • Post details about upcoming events and gatherings to meet other 3/S owners around the state

W3SI had humble beginnings back in 1998. Originally called "Tristates 3Si" (TS3SI) and created by Greg Sheeley, TS3SI was a simple message group on Egroups.com which provided a way for Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa owners to communicate. Since then, the W3SI list has focused more on just Wisconsin owners and eventually moved to Yahoo Groups. The electronic group format served its purpose well over the next few years, but the addition of this club and web site were put together to take these efforts to the next level.

Where'd all this come from? While the history is a bit long and sorted, what you are looking at came together thanks to two guys who met at the Upper Midwest Gathering in 2001 – Jesse Rink and SJ. A big thanks to Curt Gendron of the MN3S for organizing and putting on these great events every year in the month of May at the Wisconsin Dells. However, we'd need to go back even further and thank the one and only Jack Tertadian for leading the way at the track, here in Wisconsin, and across the globe. Without these folks – and many more that we don't have enough room here to thank – none of us would be here.

So who are we? Let's just say we're two guys with day jobs trying to put together a first class chapter of 3/S enthusiasts. And while the names might have changed, our goal remains the same – to have the biggest and best chapter on the planet. Interested in joining? It's painless – all you have to do is fill out the online registration form located in the Members section of the website. This will add your information to our database and make it easier for you to get in touch with other members, meet new members, find out about new information and tips about our cars, and stay on top of upcoming gatherings and events.

For all the latest information regarding website updates, gatherings, and other important information, please keep an eye on the Latest News section regularly. It will be updated regularly so make sure to check it often. Thank you! – The W3SI Admin's


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